Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 10-12-09 Sanoviv

If we didn't know Who was in control we might be experiencing more frustration.  Shelly is in IV treatments right now and there is no pathology report as of this morning.  We are trusting that when we get the report it will only confirm what we hear God saying. 

In the meantime, another guest/patient with colon cancer got some bad news at breakfast.  We immediately lifted she and her sister (who is her companion) up in prayer.  While we were praying Shelly had a message for this woman.  We got to get better acquainted with them on Friday at our worship service so we had some idea of what she was going through.

A mother of two young children in her early 50's, her diagnosis in the States is that she has 1-3 years to live.  She is here for the Ukrain, the natural chemo that Shelly has been on.  When I was getting settled Shelly in IV she was seated right next to this gal who was obviously distraught.  Shelly boldly stepped up and with conviction shared her message "God is bigger than this.  This news today is not foreign to Him.  He has you here at this place and time for a reason.  He is big enough to turn this circumstance around in a moment.  Don't get caught up in the details, numbers and statistics.  It is easy for anxiety and worry to tip the balance of our trust. His love for you is bigger than this.  That cancer is not a part of you...do not take ownership of it by saying "my cancer..." This is not a hopeless situation...He is in control."

The atmosphere shifted. There was hope in the room.  Their faces were changed from looks of desperation and tears to peace. 

Seeing Shelly operate in her gifting is amazing. She has a strength in her gentleness that has been tempered over the years through testing.  She knows Who holds her, her kids, her future and it shows.

OK..that is it for the morning update.  I hope you are as encouraged as I was.  This time with Shelly has been precious for me.  I feel so blessed to count her as my best friend for over 35 years. 

Hugs to all.  Ciao for now! 



  1. Dear Sisters, What an amazing word from the Lord. Loved it Shelly. Thank the Lord, Praise Him in the Heavens, Praise Him on the earth. His Word is everlasting, true and sure. Faithful is He who has called us. Glory to Him for ever and ever. Father, give Shelly and Kathy many opportunities to share your love for the remainder of their time there. Blessings to you both. Love Auntie M

  2. hi you guys...have tried to no avail several times to leave comments but dial up is really not liking me :D
    Have been praying continually and thinking of you everyday.
    SUCH a great story to hear you speaking in boldness in your AMAZING gentle way, Shelly!
    can't wait to see you and hear the good reports. Praying that the doctors are trying to come up with some kind of explanation for the COMPLETE healing they see in their reports!
    Lord Jesus, let that be the delay!
    love you all!

  3. Hey mom,
    Can't wait to see you! The anticipation keeps building in the house and Nathaniel is counting down the sleeps and a wake up. I had a kinda funny dream about you last night so remind me to tell you about it when you get home. Hope you are enjoying your last week there before you come back to the crazy house. :) Are you planning on getting on skype tonight at all? If so, I get home at 6pm from work so maybe 7ish if you can? I haven't really gotten to talk to you the last couple of times so that would be nice. Well gotta get back to work now. Love you!


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