Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 10-14-09 Sanoviv pathology reports today. We did learn today they may not arrive before Shelly leaves. :-) Again, we trust this is all in God's hands.

Shelly will start getting her information tomorrow about her 2 weeks of homecare and will be looking for a local oncologist to support the implementation and ongoing assessments in this program. Be praying the options are clear and easy for Shell. The Dr.s at Sanoviv work hand in hand with the local physicians to ensure Shelly continues to have a supported immune system and a body that is in anti-cancer conditions while they continue any other treatments.

Everything she is doing now is really pumping up her system for health. She has the hyperbaric chamber everyday. It is more bearable. :-) They began putting cream on her incisions to aid in reducing the scarring.

Shelly's nutritionist Oscar is putting together a personalized nutrition schedule too. They really do cover all the bases.

It is a beautiful, relatively quiet day here at Sanoviv. We will miss this place. We said goodbye to more new friends this morning. Soon it will be our turn. We are now the ones that have been here the longest and show the newbies the ropes. It adds some fun and cameraderie to be part of this community.

Our devotion today was about suffering and understanding the work of suffering in our lives. We can testify the good things we've seen come out of Shelly's suffering. It gave us food for thought...what other suffering are we going through that God is trying to use to bring about maturity and endurance in us? What about you?

As I mentioned in an earlier post our updates may be more intermittent unless we have new news. Of course if anything is urgent, we will call the girls.

Skype call tonight to the kids at 7ish.

Hugs to all! Ciao for now.

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