Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday 10-2-09 Sanoviv - Update

Quick update on Shelly's status - It is a great day!

The pace of this day has been adjusted after meeting with the Dr.  We don't have the hyperthermia today which would have kept us up till 11pm.  YAY! After the slower pace of yesterday and today she is really feeling in better spirits. 

The catheter will placed today at 4pm.  The surgeon to do this was not available in the morning so they will do this in a few hours.

Preparation and expectations for Saturday's surgery:

1.  Fasting from 10pm till the surgery.
2.  Natural sleep aid tonight to acheive a deep rest so her body is ready
3.  2.5 hour surgery starts at 10am
4.  2 hours in recovery
5.  Hyperbaric chamber to expedite healing
6.  May join us in the community room for dinner! 

Those we've talked to who've had surgery here all commented on the quick return to activity and treatments. 

No more of this.....this is what Shelly was having to do to prepare for IV's.

Shelly sends her love to all of you.  Thank you so much for your comments and prayers.  They have been a great encouragement and keep her feeling connected.

I intend to get on line to update the blog as soon as she is in recovery on Saturday.  Ciao for now!   


  1. YAY! Praise God! I can feel the lightness in your words, Kathie! SO happy that it was an easier day. Will be praying as they put in the catheter in just a few minutes.
    Love you both...thanks for the faithful updates.

  2. Mommy! I just want to let you know that I love and miss you SO much! I'm thinking of you everyday... counting down the days until you get home! Hope you are doing well. Can't wait to see you on Skype. (; Love you so much!

  3. AS I was praying for you tonight regarding your surgery tomorrow I felt the Lord remind me of a few verses that have been very powerful in my life from Hosea 2:16-17 and 19-20. Think of yourself as you begin the surgery with Lord as He woos you (draws you) to bring you into the wilderness where He can speak to you. You will sing there and when you are finished you will call Him "Ishi" Husband. He will betroth you to Himself forever in righteousness, justice and grace and compassion. Also in faithfulness and you will know Him.
    A really precious promise. He will do what He says.
    Much love and prayers!

  4. Dear Shelly, you know some day we will surrender our crowns we are earning now at HIs feet, we will bow down our knees, He is our Love. All is Well, Shelly and all will be well for you tomorrow. We have trust in Him, and His exceedingly great and precious promises. Love you and hold you close tonight. Auntie Mart

  5. praying that all is guided by His hand today.
    it was SO good to see and talk to you this morning.
    thank you for the update after, Kathie.
    Looking forward getting the good report.
    love you all,

  6. Shelly, We love you so... We are praying so much...Wish you were here to see the show. So glad you have such a sweet friend to be with you and help you..... Love you! Pam


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