Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 10-1-09 Sanoviv - Update

Shell had a much better day today after voicing her concerns.  She skipped the hyperbaric treatment and the IVs went much smoother.  They will install the catheter on Saturday during surgery.  They did find a new place for the IV that seems to be working...the back of her hand.  I hated that spot personally but she says it hurts less than the others she has had.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here today.  Shelly has had several opportunities to lounge by the pool in between treatments. 

While it is a liquid day for the guests...we got fish with our soup.   I think it is because Shelly is scheduled for surgery at 10am on Saturday.  It also could have been that she skipped dinner last night after the hyperthermia treatment.

Here is a shot I didn't upload earlier.  Shelly at the start of Hyperthermia...she didn't look this happy after about 5 minutes. I have other pictures but she will have to share those when she gets home. :-)

The evening bell just rang for dinner.  It plays "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  Sweetest name I know...." 

Off to dinner and to catch up with Shell.  More in the morning!  


  1. I love you Shelly....We are praying for you!!! You are quite the lady!!!

  2. good morning you guys!
    it was good to "see" you last night and hear that you were doing better after those treatments. :/
    I pray that today goes BETTER and that you have an OVERFLOW of that focus we talked about!
    Praying, always praying!
    Love ya both, Kara


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