Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday 10-9-09 Sanoviv

No internet this morning!!! My apologies for the delay in this update.

Here is a quick update.

Shelly got the tube removed from under her arm. The discomfort she had been feeling decreased almost immediately. She may get her stitches out on Monday too. The incisions look really clean and healthy.

We did NOT get the pathology reports today. We got a report that the reports will be here on Saturday...but the Dr. to read them may not be back till Monday. It is a good thing we are trusting a BIG God rather than on people or circumstances.

The Dr. made some space in her schedule so she actually has time for a nap...which we did today for about 90 minutes

I will post more in the morning. Love to all. Ciao for now!
We plan to have a time of worship this evening with some other Believers here at Sanoviv tonight at 7pm.

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