Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 10-8-09 Sanoviv Update

Good afternoon!  Sorry to say - no news.  The pathology reports still aren't in. 

Shelly just got out of the hyperbaric chamber and is getting her bandages changed.

Bates Kids - Shelly plans to call you tonight on Skype around 7ish.

Interesting notes from today...Thursday are liquid diet day.  We started with an Avocado and Lime Protein Shake, had a pureed vegetable and bean soup (we got fish with our soup since Shelly is recovering from surgery) and we will have some pureed soup or the like for dinner.  Yummm.

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  1. Good Morning...Just wanted to say hello! and to tell you we love you and are praying for you!!!

    Think of you often and check the blogs on a regular basis!!! Such a wonderful life line for us to feel like we are connected to you!


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