Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 10-15-09 Sanoviv

Finally!  Good news. The pathology report came in this afternoon.  NO CANCER CELLS DETECTED.   The carcinoma originally detected was contained within the tumor that was removed in the lumpectomy last Saturday.  The lymph nodes removed were all clear. 

Shelly's home treatment just got simpler.  YAY, God!  Shelly will be getting instructions on nutrition and the support required when she gets home over the next few days. 

Your prayers, messages and support have been so much appreciated.  Continue to hold Shelly and her family up as she transitions into "real" life again next week. 

Hugs to all!  Ciao for now.


  1. Hannah called me this afternoon while I was on my way to a volleyball game and told me the news! I was so very excited/relieved and the whole van of volleyball girls(and Mr. Fye) cheered when I told them! (: I can't wait to see you, Mom! I love you! And you too Kathie!

  2. Good news from a good God who loves you and chases after you, Shelly! He calls you His own, and does so with pleasure! We love you.


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