Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday 10-6-09 Sanoviv - Update

There is something about this place that is so relaxing, restful and healing!

As I mentioned in the last post, Shelly is up and around today.  She got to meet Dr. Wentz at lunch and thank him for this place. 

She is currently in an Accupulse treatment where they use a machine with some kind of electical impluses to diagnose and pull the toxins from the bones and tissues.  I was with her in a previous session and got to see the silver dollar size rings of toxins it brought to the surface.  Amazing how our bodies handle what we put in it.

We learned this afternoon after meeting with the Dr. that the pathology reports should be in on Wednesday.  They do a triple pass on the tissue to confirm all their findings so they can make the best diagnosis and treatment prescription. 

She does have some fluid building up in her left arm.  The Dr. explained when you sever some of the channels that usually remove the fluids from your abdomen they have no where to go.  The body will gradually remove the excess but in the meantime she has one bicep that looks bigger than the other.  Its the little things you notice at times like these.  :-)

We've had more time in the room and are playing worship CDs on the laptop.  It adds so much to the environment to be surrounded by affirming words of who He is and what He has done. 

Shelly will be on Skype tonight to catch up with her kids at 7pm -ish.   Ciao for now! 

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  1. Hi Shelly
    You look as beautiful as ever in that picture after surgery.Still have that same beautiful glowing smile even after a tiring procedure.Just shows how Golden of a heart you have.Now throughout this month, NFL players will be wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.I myself will go out get something pink, write your name on it and wear it for you and to thank God on my person thoughout your healing.I process.Its the only time youll ever catch me with anything pink on Lol.....I love you Shelly :)Thanks for the updates miss Kathie.Your'e an angel.


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