Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10-16-09 Sanoviv

Happy Friday!  Details are still being pieced together as we process the pathology reports.  I want to share the scoop with you.

While the report results were "no cancer cells detected" in the breast or lymph tissue what we know (the Dr.'s say) is that when a tumor is detected it is evidence of cancer cells in the body.  The tumor is just where they've congregated in a large enough mass for you to notice. Even when the tumor is removed the cancer can still exist in the body which is why ongoing treatment is needed. 

Shelly's treatment regime over the last 3.5 weeks has been to move her PH to an alkaline state (which is not hospitable to cancer), boost her immune system, and provide natural supplements to fight the cancer cells.

The Dr.'s are recommending  6 more months of Tamoxifen (a hormone treatment since the cancer is estrogen receptive) and pretty strict nutritional and supplement regime.  Shelly will continue to get regular check ups to monitor.  The Dr.'s opinion is that with regular clear check ups after 5 years they will declare the cancer in remission.

They are not recommending chemo or radiation which they were trying to prepare us for over the last week.  Shelly was not going to pursue those options even if they were recommended in any case.  God just circumvented that decision point.  :-)  Yay!

This whole experience was not anything I could have planned or projected.  When you see Shelly and hear her stories of Faith I know you will be touched.   The last few weeks have been an incredible time of creating new habits in everything from our thought life to finding rest and peace in everything.  God truly turned this adversity into a gift.  I am blessed to have been a companion to Shelly during this phase of her walk.

Hugs to all!  Ciao for now.

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  1. Dear Sisters, Praise be to our wonderful Lord, who always shows himself faithful to us. Your news was wonderful to my ears. I hope your few days left there go swiftly and peacefully. Your return to your family is anxiously awaited. I love you Shelly, Blessings until we see you. Auntie M


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