Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday 9-30-09 Sanoviv - Update

We met with the Oncologist this afternoon.  What a sweet spirit.  He examined Shelly and confirmed the surgery for Saturday.  They will do a lumpectomy and explore the lymph node.  They will biopsy the surrounding tissue during the surgery so they can capture as much as they can while they are in there. 

He says in 2 weeks Shelly should be fully recovered from the surgery.  She can take showers but no swimming or hot tubbing right away.  Rats!  For a minute I thought we were on vacation....just kidding!

She will meet with an internist and an anesthesiologist later in the next few days for final prep.  The surgery itself takes about 2.5 hours. 

I will let you know the expected time as soon as I know.  I left her sitting in IV with the painful drip of the vitamin/electrolyte cocktail that takes 2 hours to get in.  We are heading out to a lounge chair at 3:30pm to pretend we are on vacation. :-)

Pray for us at 5pm when we hit the hyperthermia treatment! Ciao for now. 

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  1. hi guys.
    just wanted to say good night and thanks for the update. So glad you got to see AND gelled with the oncologist!
    Anxious to hear more about the pod thing she did earlier today and how the hyperthermia thing went :(
    Kathie, please let Shelly know that Annaliesa went to school today and is feeling much better....betterer enough to want to make brownies :) and you could let her know that I made potato soup tonight and didn't open ONE can to do it!!! LOL...she will be proud!
    miss you!


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