Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday 9-29-09 Sanoviv Update

Sorry for the lack of detail in the morning update.  I got connected to Skype and between my call and my own work appointments I had to keep today I found I was very brief. 

Back to the hyperthermia treatment yesterday afternoon - as I said, it was tough.  Shelly didn't sleep well and woke up with start of a migraine and no appetite.  We had smoothies for breakfast which was helpful.  (They are REALLY good.)    When we saw her onsite physician before lunch Shelly told him about the onset of the migraine and he prescribed a medication with no side effects that would keep it from escalating. 

The IV situation - Shell is currently in an IV treatment right now where they are cleaning her blood.  It is called extracorporeal ozone treatment.  It requires 2 IV sites (one to draw the blood and one to put it back in).  It sounds a little gross but it doesn't look bad.  She will have several of these to process the full 5 liters in her body.  In a few minutes she will be heading to her lymphatic massage which was rescheduled till later today.

They IV nurses finally said she needs a catheter/port inserted in her chest for all these IVs rather than sticking her every time.  She does not have good veins for IVs.  The catheter is not their first choice for any patient because of the increased risk of infection since it puts a line directly into the superior vena cava. (at least that is where they put mine when I had one.)  We are glad to have this as an alternative. 

I found out more about Ukrain, the natural chemo supplement from Germany.  It is a non-toxic herb which does not attack the normal cells.  Read more about it here.   http://www.truthquest2.com/nontoxicchemotherapy.htm

In the morning Shelly is radiant. Her skin is glowing and she looks well rested (whether she got a good nights sleep or not). In the afternoon you can see the wear. She is tired but slugging through all they ask without complaining.

We are losing weight...which is a pleasant side effect of the vegetarian diet and exercise.

For those of you who are family I believe she is going to get online tonight for a Skype call.   Plan on around 8:30pm.

Hugs to all!


  1. so thankful for the port decision!
    love you guys TONS.
    can't wait till 830 when we will get to see you and talk to you again. will make sure to let Rachel know ahead of time this time so she can be there.
    praying for the rest of your day.
    peace to you, my friends. we serve a MIGHTY MIGHTY God.

  2. Shelly, Just read your blog and want to let you know that I love you and I am praying for you. What you are going through sounds very similar to what mother went through. Remember I love you!
    Love Papa

  3. Hi Shelly, Dad just read your progress report on the daily blog. Was so pleased to be able to
    hear on a daily basis how you are doing. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place to be for your treatments. You are in our thoughts and
    prayers. Your Dad has gone to see Hannah and
    the baby several times. Will be back in touch
    soon. God Bless all of you. We love you.
    Dad and Gail

  4. Love you, I couldn't sleep last night I stayed up and prayed for you. If I can help with your children or anything at home let me know. You take care,
    Love and prayers,
    Susan Lebengood


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